Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Awareness & Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher Awareness

One of the comments often made is “how hard can it be, just press the trigger and put the fire out”.

This is all good and well until the wrong extinguisher is used in the wrong situation, or the operator is not applying the extinguishing agent in the correct manner.

Our Fire extinguisher courses train staff not only in the safe operation of the fire extinguishers, but how to read extinguisher labelling and select the correct extinguisher for the class of fire they may be attending too.

We also have an LPG fuelled live fire gas tray, which will allow staff to experience the attributes of a small fire, learn how to read the flame, approach correctly and extinguish the live flame. This allows staff to experience the real thing under a controlled environment.

Fire Awareness & Fire Extinguisher – Time 2 hours
Fire Extinguisher Awareness – Time 1 hour

Maximum Number of Participants 15

Remember our courses can be tailored to your specific needs, for more information contact us on or 0409 679 521.

Our courses can be tailored to your specific needs

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