Spill Kit

Spill Kit

Ever spilt a small amount of product and wondered what is the correct way to contain it, clean it up or dispose of it.

Our course is based upon the initial emergency response for minor spills & leaks. What is a spill kit? How does it work? Are they all the same? What do I do after I have cleaned it up? Do I need to report it?

These questions will be answered during this session.

We also carry a general-purpose spill kit and have participants participate in a practical exercise which allows them to see how effective a spill kit is, how each of the items work and the different methods that can be applied when handling a minor spill or leak.

Time 1.5 – 2 hours

Maximum Number of Participants 15

Remember our courses can be tailored to your specific needs, for more information contact us on info@bevisstraining.com.au or 0409 679 521.

Our courses can be tailored to your specific needs

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